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“We cannot avoid environmental damage and normal aging. HyVitality was developed because we and our dogs need all the help we can get to maintain health. Our bodies are dynamic. Healthy bodies change and roll with the punches if they are given adequate nutritional support, exercise and love. I chose these ingredients to support the body’s innate ability to thrive. Hyaluronan is the sculpting material that supports and cushions cells, shouts “Danger” when it is injured, and assists in wound healing. Hyaluronan health is central to a healthy body. Damaged, fragmented hyaluronan promotes inflammation. I selected combinations of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and plant-based supplements in HyVitality products to help maintain native undamaged high molecular weight, HEALTHY hyaluronan.”

Dr. Linda Tintle
Dr. Linda Tintle

Dr. Tintle is a 1981 graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University and founded the Wurtsboro Veterinary Clinic in 1984. In 1981 Dr. Linda was given “pick of the litter” of Chinese Shar-Pei puppies from a grateful client, a gift which irrevocably changed the course of her life. During that decade, she became active in breeding and showing Shar-Pei at rare breed shows. Very little was known about the health disorders of Shar-Pei dogs recently exported from Hong Kong and China.

After observing unique and unusual problems in her own dogs and those of friends and clients, Dr. Linda shifted her focus to helping Shar-Pei through collaborative research with scientists at Cornell University with whom she co-authored several published papers on Familial Shar-Pei Fever and Amyloidosis. This work continues today with scientists at major institutions all over the world, including the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, where a genetic test for Shar-Pei Autoinflammatory Disease/SPAID, which includes FSF and amyloidosis, has undergone validation studies.

She enjoys being a “Shar-Pei Friendly” veterinarian and is a longtime member of the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America, Inc. (CSPCA) and serves on its Health through Education committee and is the Research Liaison and Advisor to the Chinese Shar-Pei Charitable Trust. She was awarded the CSPCA’s William W. Morison Service Award in 1995, a CSPCA Lifetime Membership in 2009 and was voted Patron of the Shar-Pei Club of Great Britain in 2010. Dr. Tintle continues to collaborate with scientists internationally to uncover inflammatory pathways contributing to disease and has been an invited speaker in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain on Shar-Pei health issues.

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      HyVitality’s original Canine formula is a science-based health supplement carefully designed to provide the ideal amount of high-quality key factors that support the normal function and proper synthesis of hyaluronan throughout the body.  Healthy hyaluronan is fundamental for health and healing.  For Shar-Pei Owners, Healthy Hyaluronan means Healthy Wrinkles on Your Healthy Dog!

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